Container Deployment

Docker (at Dockerhub)

Besides Python package (PyPI), Kestrel is also released into Docker container image on DockerHub.

The image provides a full Kestrel runtime composed of the basic Kestrel runtime, kestrel-jupyter package, open-source Kestrel analytics in the kestrel-analytics repo, and open-source Kestrel huntbooks and tutorials in the kestrel-huntbook repo.

The image is based on the docker-stacks Jupyter image, maintained by Kenneth Peeples, and currently located under Kenneth’s DockerHub account.

To launch the Kestrel container (opening Jupyter on host port 8888):

$ docker run -d -p 8888:8888 kpeeples/kaas-baseline:latest

To have Kestrel syntax highlighting support, use the Jupyter Notebook URL (http://hostname:8888/nbclassic) instead of Jupyter Lab (http://hostname:8888/lab) for Kestrel huntbooks.

To find the token for the Jupyter server, you can either:

  • Show it in the container log:

    $ docker logs <containerid>
  • Go inside the container and print the token from Jupyter server:

    # on the host
    $ docker exec -it <containerid> /bin/bash
    # inside the container
    $ jupyter server list


Placeholder for future Open Container Initiative (OCI)